About Our Center

Dr. Nicholson and his practice provide testing and treatment for vision problems that affect learning.

About Visual Learning CenterOur visual analysis takes one to two hours and includes a follow up consultation and written report.

We provide a unique treatment program for each student.  Our trained therapist conducts sessions under the supervision of Dr. Nicholson.

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Our Center’s Vision

At the Visual Learning Center, our company’s vision is to help school-aged children overcome stumbling blocks to learning , encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

The Visual Learning Center’s mission is to assist and serve children by identifying and treating learning-related vision problems, and to increases public awareness and educate parents about this often-overlooked component of learning.

What Sets Our Vision Therapy Program Apart?

  • Provides sequenced procedures to challenge – not bore or frustrate – the student
  • Gives one-on-one attention with immediate feedback to the student
  • Improves the student’s self esteem by allowing him or her to actually see the difference in their performance
  • Bases treatment on the latest scientific research available and is continually updated to incorporate new knowledge as it becomes available
  • Targets and trains those skills most likely to have an impact on learning and academic performance
  • Is provided individually to achieve significant results quickly
  • Uses techniques and procedures that appear to be non-academic so that they are different from the schoolwork with which the student may have negative experiences
  • Requires parental involvement. Practicing at home will provide cost-effective repetitious procedures and help transfer learned skills to everyday activities
  • Develops meaningful skills that are used in the student’s daily activities so there is a high level of retention
  • Provides valuable results (there is a high return) when considering committed time, effort and finances

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