When your child is having trouble in school or problems learning, it can be difficult and frustrating for you as a parent.

Child having trouble in school

You know your child is smart and anyone can easily observe that he or she is bright during conversations. However…

  • Your child struggles with reading or writing.
  • Homework takes hours of handholding.
  • Teachers report that your child disrupts class or refuses to sit still.
  • Grades suffer.
  • Treatment for supposed ADD or ADHD simply isn’t working.

You have a feeling something else is wrong, and you are searching for answers. What many teachers and counselors may not know is that often learning and behavior problems sometimes result from vision problems.

“20/20 vision” doesn’t rule out a visual learning problem.

Your child’s ability to see and process that information plays an important role in his or her ability to learn and to be successful in school and throughout life.

Unfortunately, eye disorders are often overlooked or misdiagnosed as behavioral problems or learning disabilities. Impaired vision can impair your child’s ability to learn.

Fortunately, vision therapy addresses and treats learning-related vision problems that may be frustrating you and holding your child back.

Learn more about vision and the disorders that could be contributing to your child’s problems in school.

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