skipping letters when reading

Skipping Letters When Writing and Reading

The Visual Learning Center offers developmental optometry & vision therapy in Olney, MD near Silver Spring. Is your child skipping letters when writing or skipping letters when reading? Perhaps they are even skipping words or entire lines of text. This is a common symptom for patients who come into our office, and it may indicate a vision […]

Does Your Child Need to see a Developmental Optometrist or is a Routine Eye Exam Good Enough?

  Dr. Philip Nicholson’s Visual Learning Center provides developmental optometry and vision therapy in Olney, Maryland near Silver Spring. Has your child been screened for vision problems that may interfere with learning? Typical eye exams only test for clarity and sharpness of eyesight at a distance. However, most parents and teachers are not aware that many […]

What Appears to be a Learning Disability Could Be Cured With Vision Therapy

Learning disabilities and vision disorders or visual deficiencies share common signs, symptoms and behaviors. While a learning disability cannot be cured or fixed, common vision problems in children that are often mistaken for learning disabilities, can be successfully treated and cured with vision therapy. Having 20/20 eyesight does not rule out vision problems that interfere […]

behavior problems in children

Can Vision Therapy Improve Your Child’s Behavior Problems?

Does your child have behavior problems, and you just can’t seem to figure out why? What many parents and educators don’t know is that sometimes behavior problems in children are caused by undetected vision problems that can be successfully treated with vision therapy. Even if a child has 20/20 eyesight, vision deficiencies can interfere significantly […]

Reading Problems in Children

How to Tell if Reading Problems in Children are Caused by Undetected Vision Problems

Getting to the bottom of what’s causing reading problems in children can be challenging. Parents and teachers often turn to the usual suspects: Is it a developmental disorder? Dyslexia? A learning disability? An attention deficiency? Even reading specialists, counselors, and occupational therapists rarely suspect a vision problem to account for reading problems in children. If […]

child reading below grade level

Is Your Child Reading Below Grade Level?

Are you concerned that your child is reading below grade level? Many children find learning to read challenging, but some students struggle significantly more than others and fall behind their peers in their reading assessment scores. Reading assessments measure factors such as vocabulary, decoding skills, and reading comprehension. The tests serve to identify reading competencies in […]

problems copying from the board

Why Copying From The Board is So Difficult for Some Children

Does your child complain that copying from the board at school is difficult? Does he or she come home with partial notes with a lot of errors or missed assignments? Perhaps your child’s teacher regularly states that the instructions, due dates, or lessons were written clearly on the board, and your child claims to have […]

An Undiagnosed Vision Problem Could Be Interfering With Your Child’s Ability to Learn or Stay on Task… (Even with 20/20 Eyesight) Enter Your Name and Email to Get Instant Access to the Webinar * indicates required First Name Email Address * 80% of Learning is Visual. But School Vision Screenings and Typical Eye Exams Don’t Check […]