An Undiagnosed Vision Problem Could Be Interfering With Your Child’s Ability to Learn or Stay on Task… (Even with 20/20 Eyesight)

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80% of Learning is Visual. But School Vision Screenings and Typical Eye Exams Don’t Check for Visual Processing Problems and Other Learning-Related Vision Disorders That Can Affect Your Child’s Performance in Classroom and Social Settings.  

See if this sounds familiar.

You know your child is bright, but he or she…

  • Struggles with reading or writing.
  • Takes hours to complete homework with lots of hand holding.
  • Disrupts class or refuses to sit still.
  • Tests poorly even though he or she knows the material.
  • Doesn’t improve with ADD or ADHD treatment.

… poor visual processing skills could be to blame.

When Your Child is Having Trouble in School or Problems Learning, it Can Be Difficult and Frustrating For You as a Parent. Watch this Informational Webinar to Learn More.**

**This webinar was produced as a free service to our community. There is no sales pitch. If your family lives in the Olney or Silver Spring, Maryland area, we invite you to schedule a comprehensive functional vision exam at our center.